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ECOM Expo'15. Moscow, Russia, May 20-21

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ECOM Expo`16 - registration opened, best spots available


Registration for Russia`s largest ecommerce / omnichannel tech trade-show is under way. ECOM Expo`16 will be held in Moscow, Russia, Sokolniki Expo Center, May 25-26. This year more than 200 innovative technologies for retail and ecommerce companies will be showcased at ECOM Expo`16.

Best exhibitor booths are now available. To learn about terms and conditions of participating and book your spot - just fill in this simple form.

Looking for a place to stay on a trip to the ECOM Expo?


Special booking conditions are now available for all ECOM Expo participants and guests, courtesy of our travel partner Reisebuero WELT.
You can book all accommodations online here.

2nd pavillion for ECOM Expo`15


We officially confirm that this year ECOM Expo will take place in two adjoining pavillions. The secon venue will house one of the business-agenda halls, a restaurant and a few dozens exhibitors. As for now, the total number of exhibitors topped 140. If you develop / sell an ecommerce or multichannel service, you can still book your spot here.

ECOM EXPO`15 International website launched


Our English-language website is officially launched! The largest ecommerce trade show in Eastern Europe and Russia, ECOM Expo`15, will be held on May 20-21, in Moscow Russia, Sokolniki Exhibition Center, Pavilion №4.

Companies from Austria, Latvia, France, Russia, Poland, China, Ukraine, UK, Spain, Germany are already participating. Exhibition booth prices start as low as EUR 580. Never in 20 years, entering the Russian market has been that easy! Just request information on exhibiting here.

ECOM Expo`14 Agenda now online


Business-agenda of ECOM Expo`14 is now available online. For two days, in two conference-halls, ECOM exhibitors will be sharing their experience and telling about their solutons for ecommerce marketing, m-commerce, logistics, payments and more. Entrance is free for all Expo guests. N.b.: all presentations to be be delivered in Russian, no translation provided

International companies at ECOM Expo


ECOM Expo`14 has become international. E-commerce service providers from Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, UK, China, Switzerland, and of course Russia, are participating. There is still a tiny amount of time to book a booth or claim your free entrance ticket

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