Adrien Coutarel

Optimize your customer experience and your conversion rate via personalization recommendation

Adrien Coutarel, Co-Founder TARGET2SELL
Adrien Coutarel has a strong expertise in the e-commerce industry at an international level. He has worked in the past for 7 years for a big actor in the search industry. Adrien has launched Target2Sell with Fran?ois Ziserman in 2012 and is now VP Product at Target2Sell.
Секция 2.5. Маркетинг и продвижение (продолжение)

Тезисы доклада:
During this conference, Adrien Coutarel, Co-Founder of Target2Sell, will present you how personalized recommandation can boost your sales up to 25% and improve your customer experience by offering to your visitors a unique and personalized experience. This Conference will be illustrated by different customer cases studies.